Torqeedo Electric Motor | Cruise 3.0 TS


Model:  Cruise 3.0 TS
Horsepower:  6hp
Type:  Electric
Throttle / Shift:  Tiller
Starter:  Electric
Shaft:  Torqeedo 25″ Short
Weight:  43 lbs
Battery:  Lithium


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Product Description

Torqeedo Cruise motors are the electric outboard motor of choice for motorboats, dinghies and commercial users. All Cruise systems have a built-in GPS with on-board computer and display with speed and input power, state of charge and remaining range, with a compact, low-drag, and lightweight pylon with advanced helical gear design.

The Cruise 3.0 RS is a 24-Volt, six horsepower-equivalent outboard perfect for displacement hulls up to 3 tons or sailboats up to 30 feet. With a single Power 24-3500 lithium battery, this lightweight e-drive gives you over one hour of full-throttle runtime and runs all day at slower speeds.

Please Note: The Cruise 3.0 Tiller motors do not include the batteries or chargers. We have the battery and charger options listed above. Lead acid batteries can be used with these motors, but please note, battery capacity information will not display.

    • Completely waterproof (IP67)
    • Improved Robustness
    • Improved Corrosion Protection
    • Maximum Efficiency Outboard
    • Rugged Pylon with Integral Fin – Extra Protection when Running Aground
    • Highest Grade Seawater-Proof Aluminum for Long Service Life, Even in the Harshest Conditions
    • Motor Type: Torqeedo Electric Motor Cruise 3.0 TS
    • Comparable Horsepower: 6hp
    • Comparable Thrust: 8hp
    • Battery: Single Power 24-3500 Lithium Battery (Sold Separately)
    • Shaft Length: 25″ Torqeedo Short – Will Fit 15″ Short Shaft Transoms
    • Steering: Tiller
    • Starter: Electric
    • Motor Weight: 43 lbs
    • Battery Weight: 56 lbs
    • Warranty: Torqeedo 2-Year Non-Commercial Warranty
    • Tiller
    • Propeller (B 12×10.5 WDR)
    • Mounting Kit
    • Emergency Magnetic Kill Switch
    • Owner’s Manual


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