NetPeer X47O Nvidia RTX GPU mining rig


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NetPeer X47O Nvidia RTX GPU mining rig

NetPeer X47O Nvidia RTX GPU mining rig


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Product Description

NetPeer X47O Nvidia RTX GPU mining rig

Elevate your cryptocurrency mining endeavors with the NetPeer X470 Miner featuring 4x 4070Ti Nvidia RTX GPUs – a powerhouse designed to push the boundaries of high-performance mining. Crafted with a sleek and robust design, this rig is engineered to optimize performance, harnessing the collective power of four advanced 4070Ti Nvidia RTX GPUs.

Experience unprecedented hash rates coupled with efficient power consumption, delivering unparalleled mining potential. The Miner 4x 4070Ti Nvidia RTX GPU is the ultimate solution for maximizing earnings and maintaining a competitive edge in the mining arena.

Unlock the full potential of your mining operation with advanced features and top-tier performance offered by this cutting-edge rig. Don’t hesitate – order your Miner 4x 3070 Nvidia RTX GPU today and embark on a journey of unmatched efficiency and speed in mining!

Performance for Popular Coin Mining: NetPeer X47O Nvidia RTX GPU mining rig

  • 4x NVIDIA 4070Ti
    • Kaspa Coin: 4000mhs @ 400w
    • ETHASH coins (ETC, ETHW…): 260mh/s @ 500w
    • RVN: 130mh/s @ 550w, You can also order the hammer d10 5g ltc doge miner
    • Check profitability using the provided calculator for the most accurate data.


  • Black Metal Angle Frame
  • Celeron G4900 Processor
  • Biostar TB360/Biostar TB250 Motherboard
  • 4x Nvidia 3070 GPUs
  • DDR4 4GB Memory
  • 120GB SSD Hard Disk
  • 1000-1600W Power Supply
  • HiveOS Operating System
  • Plug-and-Play Setup (Specifications may vary slightly due to brand differences but will maintain equal performance.)

Plug-and-Play Setup:

All mining systems undergo rigorous testing and are delivered plug-and-play, ensuring hassle-free setup and operation. Rest assured, you’ll receive a fully functional system, backed by our comprehensive support services in the event of any issues.

Assembly and Shipping Process:

  • Upon receiving your order and payment, we commence the assembly of your miner.
  • Your miner will be configured to auto-reboot and resume mining in the event of a power loss.
  • Thorough testing is conducted to ensure compliance with our quality standards.
  • Once validated, your miner will be meticulously packed to withstand shipping without any damage.


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