Kokopelli Trailer | 21/23-6600 Tandem Axle w/ Brakes


Boat Hull Length:  21′-23′

Axles:  Tandem

Weight Capacity:  5,750 lbs

Tire Size:  205/75R15D

Gross Vehicle Rating:  6,600 lbs

I-Beam Size:  5.5″x3.5″


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Product Description

This is a Kokopelli dual axle trailer made for a 21 foot to 23 foot boat rated up to 6,600 pounds.

    • Torque and tighten all hardware
    • Set of transom strap tie-downs and safety pun for the coupler

Trailer Fitting and Tailoring Services: If you would like us to adjust the bunks and winch post to your specific boat, we offer this service. This may entail specialized equipment such as forklifts and lifting slings, or an in-water adjustment in some cases. Please ask a sales associate for details.

    • Boat Hull Length: 21′-23′
    • Axles: Tandem (2)
    • l-Beam Size: 5.5″x3.5″
    • Weight Capacity: 5,750 lbs
    • Tire Size: 205/75R15D
    • Gross Vehicle Weight Rating: 6,600 lbs


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