IceRiver KS3M 6Th Kaspa Miner


Model KS3M (6Th) from IceRiver mining KHeavyHash algorithm with a maximum hashrate of 6Th/s for a power consumption of 3400W.

Manufacturer: IceRiver
Algorithm: KHeavyHash
Product ID: 7183

IceRiver KS3M 6Th Kaspa Miner


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Product Description

IceRiver KS3M 6Th Kaspa Miner

Model KS3M (6Th) from IceRiver mining KHeavyHash algorithm with a maximum hashrate of 6Th/s for a power consumption of 3400W.

IceRiver KS3M 6Th Kaspa Miner Specifications:

Released onAugust 2023
Hashrate (±10%)6.00 Th/s
Power consumption (±10%)3400 W
Size (HWL)290195370 mm
Weight14.4 Kg
Noise level75 Db
Temp0-35 °C
Humidity5-95 %
Additional InfosKAS KS3M


What Comes With Your package:

✓ The bitcoin mining machine
✓ All cables, connectors and adapters
✓ Easy to understand instructions in multiple languages
✓ Warranty & CE certificates, You can also order the hammer d10 5g ltc doge miner


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