et into Adventure: Yamaha 40hp Jet Outboard F40JEHA – Elevate Your Boating Experience


  • SKU#: F40JEHA
  • Model: F40JEHA
  • Type: Jet
  • Horsepower: 40hp
  • Throttle / Shift: Tiller
  • Starter: Electric
  • Shaft: 20″ Long
  • Trim & Tilt: Nitro Assisted Tilt
  • Rotation: Standard
Yamaha 40hp Jet Outboard


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Product Description

Yamaha F40JEHA Jet Four Stroke: Navigating the Uncharted Waters

Yamaha’s Jet Drive four strokes break free from the constraints of propellers, fearlessly venturing into shallows, rocky-bottom rivers, shoals, and white-water rapids. Where propeller-driven outboards would falter, jet drives excel, offering the freedom to navigate without worrying about prop damage on rocks or underwater obstructions. Yamaha provides powerful and fuel-efficient Jet Drives in various horsepower options, including 150, 115, 90, 60, and the compact yet mighty 40 horsepower.

Key Features:

  1. Incredible Maneuverability:
    • The absence of a gearcase or propeller extending below the hull grants unmatched maneuverability. Jet drives allow you to navigate around or pass over obstructions that could limit the travel of conventional, propped outboards.
  2. Easy Engine Flushing:
    • The Freshwater Flush Device enables engine flushing without running it, enhancing convenience and extending engine life.
  3. Reliability and Durability:
    • Yamaha ensures reliability and durability with its proprietary alloy (YDC-30) and the exclusive Phaze Five™ anti-corrosive paint system. This system provides a robust, five-layer barrier against corrosion, standard on all Yamaha Jet Drive four-stroke outboards.

Motor Specifications:

  • Engine Type: Yamaha F40JEHA Jet Four Stroke
  • Horsepower: 30hp Jet Drive
  • Cylinders: 3 cyl
  • Shaft Length: 20″ Long
  • Steering: Tiller
  • Starter: Electric
  • Weight: 227 lbs
  • Alternator Output: 16 amp
  • Degree of Tilt: 65°
  • Degree of Trim: -4° through +16°
  • Full Throttle Range: 5000 – 6000 rpm
  • Displacement: 747cc
  • Fuel Induction System: Electronic Fuel Injection (EFI)
  • Warranty: Yamaha 2-Year Warranty

Standard Features:

  • Nitro-Assist Tilt
  • Jet Lower Unit
  • Fuel Line
  • Safety Lanyard
  • Owner’s Manual

The Yamaha F40JEHA Jet Four Stroke, with its compact, lightweight SOHC three-cylinder, in-line design, delivers 30hp at the pump. Featuring a long-track induction system and a single throttle valve, it provides compact, lightweight power and improved throttle response. Whether navigating challenging waters or seeking the thrill of white-water adventures, this jet drive outboard is designed for those who dare to explore the uncharted.


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