Premium Tiny Home Shell for Sale


  • 24 Ft Long Volstrukt Steel Framed Tiny House Shell on Trailer
  • VIN: 4YSFB242XNS000441
  • Ideal for those searching for “tiny homes for sale near me”
  • Blueprints Available to the Buyer


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Are you searching for tiny homes for sale near Austin, TX? Look no further! This professionally built Tiny Home Shell is a steal at $15,000 cash only. Act fast – it’s priced to sell and ready for delivery! Contact us with your cell number to secure this amazing deal on a 24 Ft Long Volstrukt Steel Framed Tiny House Shell on a Trailer.


  • Volstrukt Steel Frame: The Chantey Model frame ensures durability and longevity, setting it apart in the market of steel-framed tiny houses.
  • Built-In Exterior Insulation: This tiny home boasts ZIP System R-sheathing, an all-in-one structural panel with integrated exterior insulation, meeting new energy codes and providing additional R3 value.
  • Water-Resistive Barrier: The built-in water-resistive barrier eliminates the need for house wrap, ensuring a quick rough dry-in and making it an attractive option for those looking for repossessed tiny homes for sale.
  • Continuous Air Barrier: Taped seams create a seamless air barrier, enhancing energy efficiency and insulation value.
  • AdvanTech Subfloor: The 3/4” high-density engineered wood with advanced moisture-resistant resin technology ensures a long-lasting, quiet, and sturdy floor.
  • Lightweight Steel Frame: Ideal for those seeking cheap tiny homes for sale, the galvanized steel frame is 40 to 60% lighter than wood, free from mold, termites, and rust, making it a low-maintenance choice.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to own a premium tiny home shell with blueprints available to the buyer! Explore the best-used tiny homes for sale in Austin, TX, and nearby areas. Contact us now to make it yours and experience the convenience of tiny living.


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